Kmetija Flander
Kmetija Flander
Within each of us hides a bit of an explorer. Let every day you spend with us be full of wonderful experiences.

Tourist Farm Pri Flandru Zakojca 1
5282 Cerkno
phone.: ++386 (5) 37 79 800
mobile.: ++386 31 288 142

The warmth of a country

There are villages, which are often neglected and ill-recognised, as they are hidden in gorges and other lay high in mountains or cannot even be found on maps. Yet everyone is familiar with the peace and quiet surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Zakojca is one of such villages. Here are forests, gorges, fields and pastures, orchards, here are homesteads and pleasant people. It lies high above the Baška gorge, on the slope of the cumulus Kojca, with a view of the mighty Porezen Mountain.



"The Tušar homestead lives contemporary, yet the old, tested ways are there to support them. Your heart sings in joy as you arrive high into the hills to such a farmstead".
(An excerpt from the awarding of LIPOV LIST award for exemplary homesteads)