Within each of us hides a bit of an explorer.
Let every day you spend with us be full of wonderful experiences.


As you return from the mighty peaks or when meeting with your family and friends, from the assortment of homemade spirits, we offer you homemade pear schnappsLakota and other liquors. Together with home baked bread and minced lard they create an atmosphere of hospitality and homeliness.

Together with a glass of Slovenian wine the guests are served with homemade dry meat: smoked hamsalamistuffed pig’s stomach, and sausages in minced lard and homemade cheese.

A rich lunch with homemade beef or parsley brothdelicious vegetable side dishes, such as cabbage and potatoes hot pot called ’smukavc’kohlrabicabbage with homemade beaconbeef and veal and the indispensable ’Idrija Žlikrofi’ ravioli; everything develops into culinary poetry of a homemade cuisine.

It will be our pleasure to offer you, along with your coffee with milk or cream, some apple strudelnut or cottage cheese strudel called ‘štruklji’ and the house blend.

Home-made lunch for your holiday

We will be happy to take away your worries about what to cook on special occasions.
At holy baptism, communion or confirmation, at the celebration of your birthday or other holiday of life, we will compile a meat or vegetarian menu with home-grown food.

Home menus include

  • welcome with aperitif and bread
  • homemade soup
  • main plate and salad
  • dessert with coffee

You can add hot or cold appetizers to the menu.

But to make it a holiday for everyone, your little ones are waiting for a garden toy in the garden, and a real horse-drawn carriage is waiting for you all.

Nice weather will take you on a short walk through the village, on a hike up the hill or to the museum homestead of the writer France Bevk.

You are cordially invited to Zakojca!